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The Community of Caring welcomes you to the MPLL Baseball and Softball home on the web.  Here, you'll be able to get news, information, schedules, rosters, game results, directions and much much more. Check back frequently for the latest information about our club.  Be a part of the community and join the MPLL program!!  It's an experience you don't want to miss.

MPLL Baseball and Softball Registration is being Extended!!

MPLL Registration is now EXTENDED!!

Registration for the 2016 Morris Plains Little League Baseball and Softball programs are being extended until February15th!!  Thank you to those that have already registered, but there are still a few people out there that need to register soon.  Avoid potential late fees and register now!!  In order to determine how many teams we can have at every level, we need everyone registered as early as possible.

We've attached the age determination chart for Little League below.  Please only look at the 2016 chart to determine the age for your child.




To help determine which level to register for, below are some guidelines and descriptions of each level:

4-5 years old (Clinic)-

Clinic- one hour sessions every Saturday for 6-7 weeks.  Learning experience and introduction to the game.

5-6 years old (T-Ball)-

T-Ball- (Baseball T-Ball and - new for 2016 – Softball T-Ball)  Teams formed, players play all positions, once a week on Saturdays.  By end of T-ball, some coach pitch for players who have shown they can hit off a tee consistently.

After Clinic, players can choose between baseball or softball.  In all cases, at the league’s discretion players may be permitted to “play up” to a level higher than is indicated for their age or, less frequently, “play down” to a level lower than indicated for their age.


As mentioned above, while Morris Plains Little League is independent,  we have a good working relationship and closely coordinate scheduling with the two Little League organizations serving Morristown/ Morris Township: Morristown National Little League (MNLL) and Morristown American Little League (MALL).  MNLL and MALL each serve Morristown and Morris Township, with membership determined roughly by geography, not municipal lines.


5-6 years old (T-ball)- We recommend one year of clinic before T-ball.

7 years old (A baseball)-

7-8 years old (A or AA baseball)-

8-10 years old (AA or AAA baseball)-

10-12 years old (AAA or Majors baseball)  Majors will be a selection based upon evaluations

A baseball-  All coach pitch, combined with MNLL and MALL.  Focus on learning all the positions and fundamentals of the game.  At end of the year, could be some player pitch if all coaches agree.

AA baseball- Mostly player pitch with possible coach pitch one inning .  Combined with MNLL and MALL.  Continue the development and fundamentals of the game

AAA baseball-  All player pitch, combined with MNLL.  Players will still play different positions, but games will start feeling more like real baseball.

Majors- Highest competition level, combined with MNLL.  This is the level at which the Little League World Series is played.



Assignment to levels will be based upon evaluations, as the age ranges for the levels overlap.

5-6 years old.   Softball T-Ball! NEW FOR 2016! Future softball players will play softball T-ball with some games against softball T-ball teams from Hanover Township.

7-8 years old. AA Minors Softball.  The focus is on learning all positions and fundamentals of the game.  The games will be a mixture of coach-pitch and player-pitch, with more player-pitch later in the season.  Games will be against Morris Plans and Morristown Little League.

8-11 years old.  AAA Minors Softball.  The focus is on maximizing both participation and player development.  All games are player-pitch.  Games will be against teams from a number of surrounding communities, most likely including Morristown/Morris Township, Parsippany and Hanover.

9-12  years old.  Majors softball.   This is the highest competitive level, using a 40 foot pitching distance and 12” ball.  Morris Plains may field a team at this level depending on interest.

13 and over.  Softball also runs Junior and Senior levels for players 13 and above.


As in past years, we will do our best to find the most appropriate level for every child.  If you have concerns or questions on where to place your child, please email Rob Cowing for baseball ( ) or Brian Volker for softball ( ).

Thank you for the support of MPLL and hope everyone enjoys the Holiday season!

MPLL Board

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